Writing Process


Writing Process Blog Tour….  

Thanks to Dean Rader, a poet I much admire, for inviting me to join this blog tour. Read his post on the writing process here.


Dean Rader's dynamic book Landscape Portrait Figure Form was published by Omnidawn in 2013. It's full of smart and vivid poems told in a carefully steered voice that balances tenderness and humor. His book, Works & Days won the T.S. Eliot Prize. 


What are you working on?

 I’m putting the final touches on my book, Tree Line, which comes out in September. After seven years, it’s exciting and scary to pin it down. I’m just about ready to let it go.

 I’m also working on a long sequential poem informed by the Japanese uta nikki tradition.

How does your work differ from others of its genre?

It is difficult to see ourselves or our work clearly. I work to find poetry and art that I can love. Then I write to those models. Usually, I’m writing to a constellation of influences and if I’m lucky, I end up somewhere in between the works that I admire.


Why do you write what you do?

I’m often in a stitch with writing – compelled to write and terribly critical of what I make. So, then I give up. And then I start writing again. This is usually a condensed cycle– like photosynthesis or the rotation of the earth.


 How does your writing process work?

I work in a desperate collage method. I write in a journal and on a computer and in a desk journal. I then try to pull pieces of these writings together and see if they will talk to each other. If I’m lucky, I’ll also have an idea that I can read about or research that will somehow connect to the poem. If I can find something like that, then the poem can take shape.

Up Next: Blog posts by they wonderful San Francisco poet Maggie Glover and Kobe's talented Jessica Goodfellow.  


Maggie Glover  is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She received her BA in English Literature (Creative Writing) from Denison University and an MFA in poetry from West Virginia University, where she received the Russ MacDonald Graduate Award for Poetry in 2007. A four-time Pushcart Prize nominee, Glover's poetry has appeared in Verse Daily, Ninth Letter, Smartish Pace, The Journal, 32 Poems, MANTIS and other literary journals.  Her debut collection of poems, HOW I WENT RED, was released by Carnegie Mellon University Press in Feb. of 2014. She lives in San Francisco, CA. 

Jessica Goodfellow’s books are The Insomniac’s Weather Report (new edition forthcoming from Isobar Press in June) and A Pilgrim’s Guide to Chaos in the Heartland (Concrete Wolf). Her work has been featured in Best New Poets, Verse Daily, and Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac, and she has received the Chad Walsh Poetry Prize (Beloit Poetry Journal). She lives in Japan.