Space/Gap/Interval/ Distance



Winner of the Poets-Under-Forty Chapbook Contest

Selected by Forrest Hamer

Sixteen Rivers Press, 2012

Judy Halebsky’s Space/Gap/Interval/Distance engages the reader in rapt translation— between languages, among the visual, the semantic, and the kinesthetic—by way of a poet’s journey of return and what remains unsaid. —FORREST HAMER


Entering Judy Halebsky’s Space/Gap/Interval/Distance is like stepping into a world you know must exist but have yet to experience. Influenced by Japanese kanji characters and the haiku tradition, this beautiful book locates the big in the small. Magic, memory, and mutability drive these poems through fabulous places. You have no idea how lucky you are to be in the passenger seat. —DEAN RADER


By Spencer Drew in decomP

By Paco Márquez in Poetry Now