Sierra Poetry Festival

It was lovely to be back in the foothills for the Sierra Poetry Festival. I read with Indigo Moor, who I've known since our Tuesday night workshops in Sacramento.  Thanks to Eliza Tudor and other from the Nevada County Arts Council for putting on such a great event. Registration for next year starts in November.

sierra poetry festival.png

Lunch Poems @ Dokkyo

Each month Dokkyo University holds a noon time poetry reading. I read at Lunch Poems at UC Berkeley last year and this summer I'll read in Dokkyo's Lunch Poems series. It was started by Shigeyoshi Hara, a wonderful scholar of California poetry.

After Zon Samine read yesterday, we had coffee and took the train to Senju with Megumi Watanabe, MIzuho Ishida, and Barbara Tomash (visiting Tokyo from Berkeley)

The Weaver and the Dress

Jubilith Moore directed my play, The Weaver and the Dress, at Willamette University in Oregon.   We're calling it a play but it's a little bit closer to some other form we haven't yet named. And these students can do it -- wonderful actors and dancers and singers. They have a great theatre program here. They performed the noh play, Hagoromo (The Feathered Mantle), paired with the Weaver. I started working on this piece as a five voice poem while the Artist-in-Residence at Theatre of Yugen in San Francisco.  In 2011, we showed the work-in-progress at NOHspace. Since then, I revised the overall structure and put in more narrative frames and dialog.  The play is inspired in part by Lady Rokujo in Tale of Genji and the dress used to represent Lady Aoi in the noh version of that story.  It's one of a five play sequence that I am writing that looks at the art and love relationships left unresolved in the lives of artists Frida Kahlo, Emily Carr, Eva Hess and writers Sylvia Plath and Gertrude Stein.


Moore did a fantastic job bringing it to the stage. 

New Issues in Kalamazoo

I made it to Kalamazoo just in time for Bell's to release the summer beer, Oberon. Thanks to Kim, Bill and Nancy for bringing to me read in the Frostic Series.

 Adam LeFerve read lovely poems from his new book,  Swindler's Grace.

Adam LeFerve read lovely poems from his new book, Swindler's Grace.

Winter/Spring 2016 Readings and Public Lectures

March 24. Frostic Reading at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. I am looking forward to reading on campus with Adam LaFevre and hanging out with wonderful New Issues friends. Bernhard Center room 157-159 from 8pm.

February 28, Bagley Wright Lecture on Poetry at Hugo House in Seattle, Washington.  I will give a public lecture titled "From Haiku to Collage: A Body-Based Poetics" where I discuss Basho's teachings on poetry and my attempts to cultivate a poetic practice following his advice.

February 18, Marin Poetry Center, San Rafael, California. This will be my first time reading with Gillian Conoley, a poet I greatly admire. The last time we were on stage together, I was on the blue team at the Poetry World Series and she was a judge. The reading starts at 7:30pm.

February 4, Lunch Poems in the Doe Library at University of California, Berkeley. I'm delighted to be reading in this noon hour series.


Poetry World Series

Blue team won! The Mill Valley Public Library hosts a spectacular poetry/baseball event each spring. 

 Troy Jollimore reading for the red team.

Troy Jollimore reading for the red team.

 Blue Team strategy meeting: Robert Thomas, Heather Altfeld and Judy Halebsky

Blue Team strategy meeting: Robert Thomas, Heather Altfeld and Judy Halebsky

 Rebecca Foust in uniform

Rebecca Foust in uniform

Watch the whole event on youtube.